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Discover Excellence in Minneapolis: Hand Washes & Engine Bay Cleanings

Here at Minnesota Detailing, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation, it's a reflection of who you are. That's why we've designed our Hand Wash service to meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. From eco-friendly products to our meticulous attention to detail, your car is in good hands with us.


Here at Minnesota Detailing, we understand just how important a hand washed is for your vehicle. One of the top benefits to a hand car was is a more thorough cleaning. Automatic washes spray your car with soap and water and although it may appear clean, they often miss the grooves and hard to reach spots.  Our hand washes offer a thorough cleaning that automatic washes just can’t deliver.

Additionally, getting your car washed by hand helps protect your paint, increasing its longevity and integrity over time. Often times when receiving a machine car wash, spots of dirt or debris are missed in the washing process and then sealed over with wax or polish. Sealing in this dirt can eat away at your vehicle’s paint. A hand wash provides the extra care and level of detail that your car needs alone or before one of our wax or ceramic coating packages. 

Minnesota Detailing Hand Wash

Engine Bay Cleaning

Our Minnesota Detailing team knows how important engine bay cleaning is to enhance the performance of your vehicle. Our specialized equipment and expertise ensure that your engine bay is thoroughly cleaned, improving the performance of your vehicle. Not only does engine bay cleaning improve performance, it also enhances the appearance of your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your engine bay cleaning service.

What are the benefits of a clean engine bay?

Your car’s engine bay can get clogged up with leaf litter and dust from the road, especially when left to sit in one place for too long like over the winter months.


Better performance

A cleaner engine bay correlates to better performance. For a start, leaf litter may block air intake so it is wise to clear out any debris that may obstruct airflow for cooling purposes. In addition, batteries can operate better if the terminals are properly cleaned, electrical-greased, and covered.

With excessive debris under your bonnet, open-element electrical components like the alternator run the risk of getting clogged up, while belts can slip or deteriorate if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Heightened resale value

Though the under-bonnet area is not the first thing people see when they view a car, it still plays an important role in the sale price. Having a clean engine bay gives the impression that you care about your vehicle and have maintained it to a good level. As a result, a potential buyer is far more likely to pay more for a car with well-cleaned hidden parts than otherwise.

Peace of mind

Though it sounds obvious, having a clean engine bay means you can rest assured that no accidental damage from debris will affect your under-bonnet area.

Since you can’t always see underneath your bonnet, for many drivers this can be a source of anxiety. Cleaning the engine bay, then, is a quick and easy way to dispel any fears that your engine parts may get blocked or arbitrarily encounter damage.

Increased visibility

Without the debris and dirt littering your engine bay, it becomes much easier to see what’s going on in there. For a start, clearing away the leaf litter and rubbing off the dirt makes it far simpler to see if a gasket leaks.

With a clear engine bay, any leaks that might occur can be detected, traced back to their source, and seen to far easier than in a dirty bay.

Minnesota Detailing Engine Bay Cleaning
Minnesota Detailing Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating Specialists

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