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Minnesota Detailing Auto Styling and Ceramic Coating Specialists

Discover Excellence in Minneapolis: Paint Corrections & Ceramic Coatings

At Minnesota Detailing, we are your go-to destination for the finest ceramic coatings in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas. We take pride in specializing in top-notch ceramic coating packages that seamlessly infuse with your vehicle's paint. Our ceramic coatings provide unparalleled protection by repelling dirt, water, and weather elements, all while delivering an exceptional gloss and shine to your vehicle. Experience the convenience of a cleaner vehicle for a longer duration, making future washes easier and cost-effective. Opting for a ceramic coating is an investment in preserving your vehicle's value.

Paint Correction

For optimal and lasting results with our ceramic coatings, each package includes a meticulous paint correction process. Following vehicle preparation, we assess paint thickness and utilize specialized buffer machines, pads, and products to eliminate imperfections such as swirls, fine scratches, bird droppings, and water stains. Our approach is rooted in professional integrity, ensuring a level of excellence that goes beyond ceramic coating application. Beyond enhancing the effectiveness of the ceramic coating, the paint correction process rejuvenates and restores the vehicle's paintwork, leaving a brilliant shine and gloss that is further accentuated by the ceramic coating!

Mercedese Benz G Class Amg G63 Ceramic Coated and detailed  at Minnesota Detailing
Minnesota Detailing Auto Styling and Ceramic Coating Specialists

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