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Offering Interior & Exterior Services


Interior Detailing

We offer complete interior detailing packages. 

Cars  Starting At: $150

Standard SUVS/Trucks Starting At: $200

Large SUV'S/3rd Row Vehicles Starting At: $250

Minivans Starting At: $250

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Pick Up & Drop Off Services

Have your vehicle picked up, detailed and dropped back off to your location! 
Our Detailers are all insured with clean driving records to safely drive your vehicle safely to and from our shop location. 

We service Minneapolis and the surrounding area in a 25 mile radius

Only a $100 fee.


Hand Washes

We offer Hand Washes

Starting At: $50.00 

All Hand Wash Packages Include:​':

  • Hand Wash 

  • Hand Dry 

  • Rims & Tire Shine 


Paint Correction


Ceramic Coatings

Paint correction is a term to describe the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle leaving a high shine and gloss paint service while eliminating the surface imperfections.
-Swirl Marks   -Fine Scratches   
-Bird Droppings  -Water Stains


Ceramic Coatings:

-Helps Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner Longer  -Repels Dirt & Mud
-Water Spot Resistance    -Enhanced Gloss
-Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization
-Protection from Chemical Stains & Etching




Glass Coating Protection

The coated surface repels rain, water spots, dirt and increases the defrosting speeds. Also prevents snow and ice from sticking easily to your glass while making it effortless to remove! 

Lasts for up to 1 year.


Windshield: $75

Rear Glass: $50  

Individual Door Glass: $25


Fabric Coating Protection

Protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or odor of the coated surface


Individual Front Seat : $75

Carpet & Floormats: $100  

Complete Interior Seats (Front Seats & 1 Back Row): $200


Leather Coating Protection

Protects leather from: Liquid, Dirt, Dye, Denim Transfer, Ink, and UV Radiation


Individual Front Seat : $80

Back Row Seat: $100

Complete Interior Seats (Front Seats & 1 Back Row): $250


Maintenance Club

Monthly Subscriptions

2 Month Minimum


25% Off Pick Up & Drop off Services

10% Off Friends & Family Discount

10% Off all services offered

Each Appointment Includes:

  • Hand Wash

  • Gas Cap Cleaning

  • Rim and Tire Shine

  • Window Cleaning

  • Door Jam Cleaning

  • Interior Wipe Down

  • Interior Vacuuming

  • Deodorizing